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Nutritional Advice:

‘Low energy’,
‘Can’t get up in the morning’,
‘Energy slump after lunch’,
‘4pm – chocolate break’,
‘Diets don’t work!’

Sound familiar?

It is difficult to open a newspaper, magazine, listen to the radio or tv without hearing a story about food or nutrition. There is hugely increased awareness in this area.

Are concerned about your diet?,
Are you concerned what you eat is affecting your health?

As a qualified homeopath I have found myself working with many clients who I recognised as having symptoms which were mainly connected to their diet. As a result of this I studied further to specialise in the area of nutrition.

As a holistic therapist, a consultation does not only cover a client’s area of symptoms, but their entire lifestyle. This includes medical history, working life and current personal situation. Diet – consisting of what we eat, drink and ingest - is integral to how our bodies and minds can work, thus enabling us to be healthy, energetic and effective at best, to exhausted and depressed at the other end of the spectrum. I work with people to try and understand what they are eating, why they are eating it, and how it can affect them, both physically and mentally. If looking at weightloss it isn't just about losing weight, it's about understanding why the weight was gained in the first place.

Nutritional advice can help increase awareness of the effects of diet and other factors on our well being. Whether we want to lose weight, have digestive complaints that need investigation, or if we just need advice on whether we are doing the right things. Nutritional Advice can help.

The Consultation:

The first nutritional consultation takes an hour, but prior to the consultation,keep a week’s food diary – detailing everything you have eaten, drunk and ingested (including medication, supplements etc) to bring along to the consultation.

This initial consultation involves a one-to-one interview; covering questions about all aspects of your life: medical history, lifestyle, stress and anxiety levels, vitamin and mineral analysis.

During the consultation you will be given an initial overview of your case, afterwards you will be emailed a personal ‘Diet and Nutrition Guideline’ – unique to you. This includes details of your BMI (body mass index), optimum weight, exercise tips and nutritional advice on both what you are eating and how you are eating it; and what you can do to improve on things if necessary.

Most people come to make sure they are on the right track, and in these cases only one or two appointments are necessary. If you have major dietary problems and are wanting to make dietary and lifestyle changes, then more appointments can be arranged as required.

I work in South East London.

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